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PYC is a development stage biotechnology company advancing a new generation of RNA therapeutics to change the lives of patients with inherited diseases. PYC’s discovery and laboratory operations are based in Perth, Australia, and the Company’s preclinical, clinical, regulatory and corporate operations are based in San Diego, California.

PYC Therapeutics looks for talented, enthusiastic and committed professionals across the healthcare, life science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. If you currently do not see a job matching your background, you can follow PYC on LinkedIn or send an open application.


Our culture

PYC Therapeutics is a purpose-first company with the ambitious goal of progressing our life-changing science towards areas of high unmet patient needs. Our team is the essential ingredient to PYC’s success and we are committed to creating a climate that enables all team members to reach and exceed their potential.

There are five core values that we aspire to as a team at PYC and these shape how we work together:


Life-changing science is our focus, we start there and everything else follows.

Curious to learn

We are always looking to learn and find new ideas from each idea and from outside PYC. We are creative and not afraid to try something that might fail, so long as we learn and improve our outcomes in doing so.

Transparent and committed

We are one team, open with each other - the good, the bad and the ugly. We communicate with clarity, concisely and respectfully. We debate choices robustly and once a decision is taken, we commit wholly as one.


We take part in defining our priorities and owning our outcomes. We know how our individual work fits together to achieve our common purpose. We invest as much effort in helping others succeed as we do our own work.

Excellence with urgency

We seek ever high standards in what we do everyday. At the same time, we are sharply focused on driving outcomes and we find ways to move fast as our patients can't wait.

Sing Yee Yeung- Research Scientist

"I am proud to be part of a team developing therapeutics for previously untreatable diseases that have the potential to improve patients' outcomes. The team at PYC is highly diverse and proficient in their skill sets. This is a great place to gain new skills and knowledge."

Leah Attwood- Animal Research Manager

"Drug development is challenging, but I am inspired by the team's unwavering enthusiasm and passion. There is a relentless ambition that is driving us to advance our potentially life changing therapies for patients who have no other treatments."

Subrata Das- PhD, Sr. Director, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls

"I look forward to collaborating with PYC’s team to realize the strong potential of our pipeline for genetic diseases. It’s an exciting time to be part of the paradigm shift in precision RNA therapeutics with PYC’s rationally designed molecules and platform technology."

Laura Florez- Research Scientist

"I’m excited to be at PYC and have the opportunity to translate our science into drug candidates that could potentially have real impacts on the lives of patients and their families."

Carol Richardson- Accounts and Administration

"I am proud to work with people who are so motivated and dedicated to making a difference."

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