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Our Science

The problem

The highest value targets in modern medicine exist within our cells (DNA, RNA, ~70% of proteins). However, through millions of years of evolution, our cells have evolved walls to keep foreign molecules, like drugs, out of the cell. This creates one of the most significant problems in modern drug development; that drugs focusing on these high-value targets in the cell cannot get to where they are needed. They're simply trapped outside of the cell.

PYC Therapeutics solution

Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) are a small biological molecule (peptides) that act as a 'Trojan Horse' for drugs, allowing them to enter the cell where the drug alone could not.

PYC has a unique platform that can identify safe and highly effective CPPs which can be used to deliver numerous types of drugs across many types of tissue to correct many types of diseases.

Therapeutic application of our solution

PYC Therapeutics is combining its breakthrough CPP technology with a next-generation precision medicine known as Antisense Oligonucleotide therapeutics (ASOs). This combination of CPPs and ASOs creates precise, safe, and highly effective drugs (known as CPP-ASOs) targeting a range of genetic diseases.

Our Pipeline

PYC Therapeutics is combining our proprietary CPP technology with world-leading expertise in ASOs to create a pipeline of highly precise, safe, and effective drugs called CPP-ASOs.

As we continue to prove and refine our technology we intend to expand our pipeline to include other disease indications and therapeutic areas such as genetic neurodegenerative and liver diseases.


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pipeline Lead program - Retinitis Pigmentosa
pipeline Inherited retinal disease
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